June 29th Creating Motivated Sellers! BRIC

Teena Barnett, Dyanetics LLC

Hesitant Homeowners to Motivated Sellers
Brazos Valley Source
is pleased to sponsor the BRIC presentation on June 29th
"Turn Hesitant Homeowners into Motivated Sellers!"
Presenter: Teena Barnett, Dyanetics LLC

Help Hesitant Homeowners
become Motivated Sellers

Would you like to transform your negotiations style so that home sellers feel heard and reassured?

And ... confident that you have the answer they need?

Conduct more productive, lower-stress communications
with contractors, investors, realtors, etc.

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone heard - and agreed - the first time?

Do you wish you had more insight - more influence - better understanding - with everyone who affects your profits?

BVS is pleased to sponsor guest presenter
Teena Barnett, MBA, Dyanetics LLC
at the BRIC Monthly Meeting, Wednesday June 29th
Binary Space, 110 N. Bryan Ave., Bryan, TX

Negotiation skills are critical to profitable real-estate investing!

Learn about your own communications style.
Find out when to use specific negotiation techniques.

Overcome the communications obstacles
to your goals and visions!

We are offering a FREE assessment
of your communications style
to just 2 lucky volunteers!

A $200 value!

Learn how to leverage your strengths
and overcome your weaknesses.

Tap into your own most successful negotiations
strategies, based on your own style.

Only TWO volunteers will be selected
for the FREE assessment.

Any participant may take the assessment
a reduced rate of $50.

Email mary@brazosvalleysource.com by June 1st
to be considered for the free assessment
or to sign up for the $50 assessment.
"The Wall Came Down" - Bush "41" Presidential Library
College Station, Texas
Photo credit Mary Hirsch

"With different teams that overlap in different ways, effective communication is one of the greatest challenges of management. This training was incredibly helpful in helping our employees to understand their own strengths and weaknesses in how they relate to others, as well as to offer some insight into how their co-workers approach problems and communication." Scott Toppin, DVM DABVP Equine "This past December I decided to change manufacturers for one of the main products I use in my business. Because I took your advice and was upfront with my local representative about the change, it didn't damage the relationship, either from my perspective or hers. There's something to be learned there." Danny Borders, DVM
Apr 26, 2016
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