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Welcome to Brazos Valley Source!

We are just getting off the ground! Look for information and discussion to expand over the coming weeks and months.

Anyone may read BVS! You do not have to register to read.

We ask you to register for the site to post your own thoughts and engage in the discussion between real estate investors throughout the Brazos Valley.
  • We do not sell or share your registration info.
  • You can show as much or as little info as you wish through the user settings.
  • We are glad to assist you with using this site - just call 817-771-6650 and ask Mary for help!

For new investors, we hope to provide you with both information and contacts to help you get started.

For experienced investors, we hope to facilitate your contacts with both veteran and new investors and service providers. To give you an avenue to answer questions and help people get to know you better.

BVS is not selling a program or products provided by BVS although we do hope to provide contacts with other providers and advertisers. BVS is a communications resource.

BVS supports itself through paid advertising.

Please post your questions and comments, here and at the end of each informative article.

Take a look through BVS ... we look forward to seeing your comments soon!

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Jul 14, 2016
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