Be Your Contractor’s Favorite Client

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    Do you trust your contractor to do the best work?
    If so - don't be the pain-in-the-butt, aggravating client, if you want to be at the top of the priority list!

    Your rehab project is going well. It’s on time and even under budget. Maybe this time you haven’t had any unforeseen issues in this rehab. Excitement is creeping in! Finally a project that has gone the way you planned. You’re prepared with the listing and can’t wait to push the publish button to get this one off your plate.

    It’s almost too good to be true! And then one day…

    The contractor doesn’t show up on time – says he has a ‘personal’ issue to take care of but should be back on the job tomorrow. And then tomorrow becomes 3 days…a week…2 weeks!

    Suddenly all of your best laid plans are out the window. Your time line is blown and you are MAD!! Stupid contractor. Why do they always do this? They are creatures not to be trusted – ever, for any reason!

    You find yourself so wrapped up in how the contractor did you wrong that you’ve failed to take responsibility for your part in this! Wait…what? Your part? But I didn’t do anything to the contractor – he did this to me! Really? Are you sure?

    If your contractor is a "High-D" on the DiSC scale – task oriented, doesn’t need details, finishes projects quickly and efficiently, and doesn’t need a lot of direction – and you insist on going over each task with him in excruciating detail, you just became a pain in the you-know-what client and when he gets a chance – Bam! He’s gone!

    Or, maybe you insist on bringing in your tape measure to ‘check’ on his work. You need to satisfy yourself that things are going as you requested. That’s only fair, right? And yet, from his perspective he notes that you don’t trust him and are constantly making sure he’s doing it ‘right’.

    Guess what? You just became a pain in the-you-know-what client and the first chance he gets – Bam! He’s gone!

    Why is it hard to get return calls from your contractor or anyone else who is working for you? Why does your project seems to be near the bottom of whatever priority list your contractor seems to be working from ... why doesn't your contractor show you that he or she values your business?

    Is it really that you are a smaller client - or is it that the contractor finds other clients much easier and more satisfying to work for - to work with?

    These are only two examples – there are tons of them!

    Recognizing the work style and communication style of your contractor and flexing your style to meet it can help you build connection, relationship, and rapport with those you hire.

    When you become the fun client to work for, the easy client to get along with, the best damn investor in the business, and suddenly a ‘personal’ issue comes up or there is a press of work, he’s going to continue to work for you and drop some other pain client.

    With a reputation for being fair, fun, and easy to get along with, you’ll have contractors lining up to work for you! Just think about the stress relief that will be! Projects on time, people working with you and for you and all because you ROCK!

    What does “High-D” mean? What is the best approach to building strong business relationships with "High-D" personalities?

    Find out more [click for the link] about recognizing working styles and how the people who work for you want to be treated at this link. Learn how to become their favorite customer or client!

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