How do you decide when to replace kitchen cabinets in a rehab?

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    Share your general experience, post your answers below, and watch to see what other are saying.

    Do you agree that replacing kitchen cabinets is one of the more expensive items to take on in a project - and do you think replacement will pay for itself when the property is sold? Labor and materials for removal and installation add up, alongside the cost of cabinets that both fit and look good.

    Are you one of the many who avoid replacing kitchen cabinets? Some rehabbers maintain they will only do so if the cabinets are broken.

    Other strategies for an updated look for kitchen cabinets that appeal to buyers are painting and even replacing the doors. New door and drawer pull handles in the current style go a long way toward buyer appeal at low cost. What is your opinion?

    What tips do you have to create a kitchen a new homebuyer will be eager to have?

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    I start with comps from the neighborhood. If the houses used as comps that are for sale or recently sold have had new cabinets installed then you should budget for replacing cabinets. If you are in a laminate neighborhood, then don't put in granite.

    Your comps will tell you.

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