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What is your current status in real estate investing? (choose one)

  1. Never invested, want to learn more

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  2. Getting started in real estate investing, but haven't yet done a deal

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  3. Have done less than 10 deals - so far!

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  4. Consider myself an active and experienced real estate investor!

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    This website, Brazos Valley Source, is here to help inform and connect people interested in real estate investing in the Brazos Valley.

    There is no charge to participate – you can read information, ask questions, get answers and make connections – we want this to be a vital resource! We are offering the chance to learn some basics, make connections with individuals and businesses that can help you be successful, and help promote a participating community of Brazos Valley real estate investors.

    BV Source is not directly selling anything, although we do accept advertising to pay our bills. BV Source does not charge for programs or advice and is not up-selling enrollment in paid programs.

    What does it take to start in real estate investing – to be successful at it?
    • Find out basic information and education about real estate investing.
    • What about economic factors – community factors? Find links to more information here.
    • Learn about property risks and opportunities – do you know the difference between cosmetic and structural defects?
    • Make useful connections - who can help you inspect a property – finance an investment – do rehab work – find renters?

    We’ll have a continuing stream of new articles with all that, and more!

    BV Source is a small for-profit enterprise supported by advertising and goodwill.

    We wish you success and happiness in all your endeavors!

    What are a few of your personal goals for real estate investing?

    What would you like to learn from Brazos Valley Source?

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